New IMCONet Publications in 2017


Steve Roberts (BAS), Patrick Monien (ICBM & Univ. Bremen) and colleagues published a new Nature Communications paper on:  Past penguin colony responses to explosive volcanism on the Antarctic Peninsula.

link to paper : DOI:10.1038/ncomms14914


Susana Vázquez, Elisabeth Helmke and a group of collaborators from Argentina and Germany analyzed two types of diesel spills at Carlini Station (King-George Island). It results that bacteria in Antarctic soils and sediments have a capacity to digest residues of fuel spills in the ground, but the paper also shows that under the current warming conditions at the WAP, fuel spills can  infiltrate non-frozen ground and lead to longer lasting contamination.

The paper presents strong arguments for improving the monitoring of fuel spills at Antarctic stations. It  also raises the debate how we as scientists can reduce sampling trips in coastal waters to what is really necessary, in order to protect the Antarctic environment from more contamination.

Doris and the "IMCONet marine genomics community" published an invited review in Marine Genomics summarizing new findings in Potter Cove that are based on genomic analyses and sketching ideas for the use of genomics in Antarctic  marine observation.... 

author link to the article: